Business Events

Our Business Clients Include:
American Counseling Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Curriculum Associates, Lennar Homes


Does your business need a fun group activity? Something to pull everyone together? A reward for top performers? Or just a virtual night out for bonding?

WE'RE HERE to assist you in providing an enjoyable MEMORABLE paint party event! One where people create their own Masterpiece, while laughing and smiling with coworkers. They can then display it proudly in their home or office -- and REMEMBER your business event every time they look at it!

Choose from our extensive variety of wonderful paintings! Each kit comes complete with all of the items needed for the chosen painting. We can also personalize each kit with any information that you would like for us to include from YOU (flyers, cards, a note, etc). Do you want to add snacks or other refreshments? We can do that also!

Delivery is as easy as you want it to be. We can either ship all of the kits to you for distribution OR we can ship all of the kits from here to all participants using your UPS account.  

Live virtual events are available for larger groups. Our coordination team would work with you to put together a fabulous event!

We also encourage you to use our very engaging instructional videos. Using the instructional videos, allow you to pause the video at any time for: a drink break, a snack or meal break, or a "let's checkout each other's paintings" break - more fun for everyone! You can use our videos either via Zoom for a virtual event OR to project onto a screen for in-person events. All of our artists teach original paintings that they created, and they with our videographer do a superb job filming them!

Very EASY for you -- yet very PROFESSIONAL for your participants. You provide your vision! We provide the FUN!


My colleagues had a great time at Paintly's Paint Event. The kits that were sent were great and arrived right on time. The instructor was super engaging and answered everyone's questions in a fun manner. Thank you Paintly!     Allison at Contentsquare

We worked with Allison for about 2 months to make their event special. We added hand picked items to each person's kit including snacks. We handled all of the shipping. The interaction between everyone during the live event made for an entertaining evening. As you see, the final paintings were very impressive. Thank you Contentsquare!

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Let's have a GREAT event!


Paintly Fun's "Paint For A Cause"

Have you had the same old fundraiser every year? Do you feel like you have a limited amount of options available? Not anymore! Paintly Fun works with non-profits to create an exciting new fundraiser just for YOUR ORGANIZATION! We work with you to design the fundraiser around your organization's needs and audience.

During these unprecedented times, we are offering a TOTALLY VIRTUAL paint and sip kit fundraiser.

Our school virtual fundraiser program allows for a 5% discount code for participating families in your community via entry of your school’s personalized code at checkout. You will receive 10% of the total sales. We are able to track the sales per classroom for the most important classroom bragging rights and a virtual prize.

Each participant would CHOOSE from our wide variety of products! Each kit comes with all of the items needed to complete a MASTERPIECE along with an engaging instructional video.

Our kits make great gifts - fun paint parties - and memorable family events! These are all things that your buyers will love! We can also personalize the kits to include additional information on your organization, "Thank You" cards, etc. We're here to make your fundraiser FUN for your BUYERS and YOU!

It's time to try something new and exciting with our paint party at home! We make it EASY and SUCCESSFUL for YOUR ORGANIZATION! Contact us now for more information!