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Create with Paintly Fun on your dining table.

It may be a little messy!

Enjoy a paint party with Family and Friends

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What does your family do during the holidays for fun? Puzzles? Bake? Play cards?

Add Paintly Fun’s Progressive “Patchwork Painting” as your new family tradition - do it in person or virtually!

Choose and purchase kits for at least everyone who will be present (you can get a few extra). Use the code "PATCHWORK" to buy 3 painting kits & get 1 painting kit for FREE!

Each person paints their painting for 15 minutes – at that point, they pause the video, close the paint cups, and clean the brushes in water.

Over the day(s), everyone flip-flops to other paintings – turning on the video and painting for another 15 minutes. Add some cookies to the table and hot cocoa, cider, or eggnog for more holiday fun! These paintings can be done in a day or over a weekend!

Have FUN TOGETHER & MAKE MEMORIES with family members of all ages!

Each painting will be a patchwork of the people who have painted it - a true FAMILY HEIRLOOM!

When finished, you will have multiple FAMILY paintings to display, share, and reminisce!

Welcome to Paintly.Fun!

We lead the way in the virtual paint & sip market! Don't settle for less!

Not just a kit - An EXPERIENCE!

Enjoy your PAINT & SIP kit in the comfort of your home. Each kit is specially made JUST FOR YOU!

Host a Paint Party together or virtually with distant friends * Send a gift to someone special * Create by yourself in your pj's with a cup of cocoa. Our kits provide engaging EXPERIENCES that you design.  

CHOOSE your craft. UNBOX the complete kit delivered to your door. WATCH the engaging instructional video on your phone, tablet, or computer. CREATE your Masterpiece to proudly display!

All of the FUN of a PAINT & SIP party at home -- done YOUR WAY!

Select your kit and CREATE MEMORIES!

Unbox. Watch. Create!

What's In Your Paint & Sip Kit? EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

What's In Your Paint & Sip Kit?

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What a wonderful time we had last night, so nice to have a company that we can order paints from & the fact we can do it at home is awesome. It's a great way to get together with family & friends. The instructor does a good job explaining. Looking forward to our next night of Paintly Fun soon!

Sandy from North Carolina


I received my kits very quickly, and was surprised with the nice brushes that were included (they had an ergonomic rubber handle). The painting video was thorough and paced well too. It was challenging, but rewarding. I highly recommend you give this a try!    

Chelle from New York


We loved our Paintly Fun experience! We turned it into a little paint and sip, and it was a blast. Perfect for these quarantine times.

Dani from Colorado


Had a great time doing 2 of the kits with my mom. Wonderful activity for bonding with friends and family or just broadening your artistic horizons.

Nick from Montana



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