How Paintly Fun Began

Paintly Fun started on a rainy Friday night as my girls and I pondered whether to attend an event at a paint & sip franchise about an hour away. Even though I had already paid for the event, it just wasn’t enough to lure us out of the house that evening. We thought “wouldn’t it be nice if we could purchase kits that we could do at home whenever we wanted to?” 

We searched the internet to find our new “girls’ night in” products. First, we found that there very few true “paint & sip kit” companies available – most companies were franchises who sold “kits” on the side. Second, the “paint & sip kit” companies did not have a wide variety of pictures to choose from. We ordered kits from two of the online “paint & sip kit” vendors. When the kits arrived, the products were not the quality we were looking for. 

We wanted more for our fun time together – but where would we get it???  We loved painting together – laughing, joking, and creating.  We cherished that time.

Could we put together the type of company and products that we would love?  Step out and take a risk?  Take on the big brick and mortar paint & sip companies?  YES, WE COULD AND WOULD!

We put together a team of wonderful artists and structured their compensation plan for immediate and long-term payouts. We added an awesome videographer who shared our vision. We found good vendors and began building relationships with them.  We involved additional family members and friends.  We had FUN!          

Over the last two years our family-owned business has grown proving that everyone loves a beautiful craft with high quality products, easy-to-follow instructional videos, wide variety of pictures to choose from, and a reasonable price.

We love sharing The Paintly Experience with YOU!