Mother Earth Acrylic Painting Kit & Video Lesson

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11" x 14" Acrylic Painting Kit & Video Lesson

In ancient Greek mythology, Mother Earth was the Mother of all life.  Enjoy painting this inspiring painting of Mother Earth keeping an eye on everything on earth.  This painting is a multi-cultural painting, so create Mother Earth as you view her. Add the beautiful leaves, flowers, and butterflies in her flowing hair. A truly stunning painting to display in your home or office!

Mother Earth Paint & Sip Kit


Artist Recommended Items Included In This Kit:

  • 11" x 14" Stretched Cloth Canvas On Wooden Frame
  • Tubes Of All Paints Required
  • Royal and Langnickel Paint Brushes
  • Splash Cloth
  • Paper Plate For Mixing
  • Paper Towels
  • Streaming Video Tutorial (Instant Access After Purchase)
  • Optional Item: Display Stand