Gondola Row Watercolor Painting Kit & Lesson

 Watercolor Painting Kit & Video Lesson

Serenity at last. Long days can wear the soul down, but the tranquil scene of these watercolor boats will provide with you peace for ages to come. Watercolor is the art of patience and peace. Allow this project to help center you in the calming waters of these boats docked at the shore.  Not only is the picture beautiful and will wow any guest to your home, this project is also a wonderful way to advance your watercolor techniques.

Artist Recommended Items Included In This Kit:

  • Watercolor Paper
  • 12ml Tubes Of All Paints Required
  • Royal and Langnickel Paint Brushes
  • Splash Cloth
  • Paper Plate For Mixing
  • Paper Towels
  • Streaming Video Tutorial (Instant Access After Purchase)





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